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Early Learning Education Center for Infants & Toddlers
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Early Learning Education Center for infants and toddlers serves children birth to 24 months.  Although we are licensed to accept infants as young as birth, we believe it is ideal for infants to remain at home with their mothers for at least the first 10 weeks.  We do however, provide the opportunity for families who are on the schedule to start after they turn 10 weeks, to begin a relationship with the Center as early on as 6 weeks after the infant is born.  This consists of scheduled meeting times where the mom and/or dad can come spend time in our room with the infant.  This allows for the infant to become acclimated with the new environment, sounds and noises, and the opportunity for open communication between parents and care providers.   Once children approach 24 months, parents and teachers may collaborate a transitioning plan to their next place of child care to best meet the needs of the child.  We offer to provide a conference in person or by phone with the child’s next child care provider to share insights about the child that may be helpful for the transition and continuity of care.