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Center Policies

Guidance/Discipline Policy

At ELEC we strive to make the curriculum relevant, integrated and interesting with clear consistent guidelines to promote successful learning.  When children are actively involved in their play and learning, there is often a decrease in disruptive behaviors.  Because children’s temperaments can often differentiate how they retain information and respond to any given situation, understanding a child’s individual cues, stages of development and behavior becomes a vital inclusion of responsive care giving and individualized care. We want to acknowledge how children are feeling and help guide them through their own problem solving whenever possible.  Instead of telling children what not to do, we want to teach them what they can do.  Such as, rather than saying “no, don’t climb on the table”, we would instead say “tables are not for climbing, let’s go climb on the loft”.  By modeling appropriate behavior and being consistent with rules and guidelines we want to help them understand what behaviors are acceptable and which are not. We want them to learn self-regulation, how to keep their bodies safe, and how our actions can affect others.  We also want to identify and acknowledge children’s emotions while helping them find appropriate words and actions to initiate their own resolution. 

When an undesirable behavior becomes consistent, the child may be redirected to a different area where they can be more successful.  When redirection is no longer effective, and an undesirable behavior becomes a consistent distraction, or injuries to other children become persistent the primary care provider may try strategies to modify the behavior and share these strategies with the child’s parents.  If there are no changes or improvement, we may request, a consultation with a behavioral specialist or family therapist, with parents’ consent, to seek further guidance and to guarantee the safety of the misbehaving child and the safety of others in our care.  Termination would only account if all other attempts to correct the behavior have been exhausted.  Parents are always welcome to come observe their child and ask questions.  We are here to support you and your child’s journey to successful learning.



ELEC believes that immunizations are important to protect your child’s health and the health of other children in our care.  Under California Law, we are required to refuse admission to any unimmunized child who does not have a valid exemption approved before January 2016 and have a current timeline for future immunizations scheduled.  It is important that we maintain current medical records on each of the children enrolled, therefore a copy of a child’s immunization record must be re-submitted each and every time a new immunization has been administered.

For a timeline of Immunizations please visit: 


Signing In/Out

Your child must be signed in and out in the sign in/out binder at time of arrival and pick up each day.  Only those authorized in your child’s file to pick up the child is allowed to do so with validation of who they are with a form of identification.  If someone other than the usual expected pick up person(s) is planning to pick up the child please inform the center staff appropriately.


Eating healthy is essential for physical and cognitive growth in children.  The food provided each day is nutritious, low in sugar, low in salt, fruits and vegetables are organic and reflects current, age related dietary guidelines.  A breakfast is provided in the morning for children arriving before 8:30am, as well as a balanced snack in the morning, and afternoon.  Weekly menu's are posted in the room for parents to view. In general, infants eating solids regularly are offered a meal about every 2 hours. If your child is in our care during lunch hours, you must provide a lunch for them.  ELEC will provide you with a tote bag for your convenience to bring in each day.   While all children are sitting down and supervised at meal times, it is important that lunches contain safe and easily eaten food.  ELEC will also provide you with a lunch container that is dishwasher safe, has an easy snap on, leak proof lid and 3 separate compartments for different food groups and portions.  Due to allergies, shellfish, honey, and tree-nut products will not be served (sunflower butter is ok).  Whole Milk and/or water are provided at each meal and water is made available to children throughout the day.  Please notify us of any special nutritional needs and/or preferences your child may have so we are able to consider these needs when meal planning.  Feeding schedules may differ for the younger infants as they feed on demand.  Infants who are bottle fed must have all bottles prepared and labeled and brought in each day of attendance.  Extra breast milk may be stored in the freezer for up to six weeks for emergency purposes.  For formula fed infants, we ask that a large supply of preferred formula also be kept at the Center at all times to ensure ready availability.  Infants who are formula fed must also supply enough bottles, prepared readily for every feeding each day in attendance.  Bottles and food that needs to be warmed is done so in a crock pot and temperatures tested before offered; we do not utilize a microwave. 



If your child has any of the following illnesses or conditions, you must keep your child home for 24 hours from the time symptoms were last seen, unless provided a doctor’s note acknowledging the child is not contagious: 

·      Temperature of 100 degrees or higher

·      Vomiting

·      Diarrhea

·      Unknown rash

·      Nits

·      Eye infection

·      Cough, congestion, sore throat, green snot

·      Any communicable disease

·      Shows irregular behavior due to not feeling well


If your child becomes ill during the time of attendance, parents will be notified to pick up the child as soon as possible.  If the parents are unavailable, we will begin calling other emergency contacts in the order provided.  Please note that if your child is sent home due to an illness they will not be admitted into care the following day without a doctor’s note.  If there are no symptoms present the day after being sent home, the child may return the following day.  It is important that children remain at home during their time of recovery to eliminate exposure of illnesses to the other infants’ developing immune systems.  If two or more children have been sent home due to the same illness, all families will be given a written notice of the type of illness their child may have been exposed to and a list of symptoms if applicable to be looking out for.  Children who have been sent home or who are not in attendance due to an illness is to be kept confidential.


*Please help us keep the germs away by washing yours and your child's hands upon entering the classroom.

*Our Center is a shoe free zone so please be prepared to remove your shoes or utilize our shoe covers before entering the classroom.

Children’s hands are washed or wiped:

·  Before and after meal times

·  After using the toilet or diaper changed

·  After messy art or sensory activities

·  After playing outside

·  Whenever visibly dirty

Care Providers wash their hands:

·   Upon arrival

·   Before preparing meals and bottles

·   Before and after meal times

·   After using the restroom

·   After each diaper change or helping a child in the restroom

·   After contact with any bodily fluid, such as a runny nose, spit or vomit

·   Before administering medication or medical treatment such as a Band-Aid

·   Before and after applying sunscreen on a child

·   After transitioning from outside

·   Whenever visibly dirty

Care Providers wear gloves:

·   When changing a dirty diaper

·   When handling soiled clothing

·   When applying any ointments or creams on a diaper area or other affected areas

·   When in contact with blood during medical treatment (ex. scraped knee)

·   When providing medical treatment on an open wound

·   When deemed necessary

General Cleaning:

· The changing tables are wiped and disinfected after each use

· Toys are disinfected and wiped regularly and as needed (toys that have been mouthed go into the dirty bucket)

· Bottles and pacifiers are washed after each use (sent home to be sanitized)

· Cups are washed at the end of each day (each child is assigned their own cup)

· Floors are swept, carefully steam mopped and carpets vacuumed daily

· Furniture and equipment are cleaned and sanitized at the end of each day

· Cribs & linens are cleaned daily and laundered on Fridays or as needed (each infant is assigned their own crib)

· Carpets are shampooed every 6 months and spot cleaned as needed

*We work hard to keep the environment as safe and clean as possible and we hope you see it too!  


A Full List of our Center Policies are listed in the Center's Parent Handbook