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Additional Services Provided

Daily Notes

Daily documentation of infants’ feeding, diapering and napping schedule are provided for each infant, along with a note about something unique the child did that day. Parents take these notes home each day.

Documentation Journals

A documentation journal is kept for each infant throughout their time with ELEC. Journals are executed by each infant’s assigned primary caregiver which illustrates the infant’s ongoing development, temperament, how they socialize with others and how they interact with the world around them. Journal entries are used to assist in understanding each child’s uniqueness and what their proximal level of development is so that we are able to provide an emergent curriculum relevant to the individual needs of each infant and used to implement developmentally appropriate practice that promotes optimal learning opportunities.

Documentation Binders

A documentation binder is also kept for each infant in our care which becomes a memorable keep sake of pictures and art work, showing a timeline of children’s learning in action. Each picture shares a story of its own and is paired with descriptive narratives to support them.

Documentation Keepsake

Documentation journals and binders are confidential between parents and care givers and are shared with parents during parent conferences. At the time of the child’s transition from ELEC, parents are given the binder and journal to take home with them as a memorable keepsake.

Parent Conferences

Parent Conferences are conducted approximately every 6 months and is a time to celebrate each child’s masteries, accomplishments, growth and development. Together, parents and care givers set new goals and appropriate challenges for the next stages of learning.

Ongoing Assessment

Being trained educators, primary care givers assess each infant’s development on an ongoing basis and although we would never ‘diagnose’ a child, we believe it is important to always be honest and realistic when we share information with parents. All infants learn and develop differently and at their own pace. It is critical that we do not interfere with their learning process as they figure things out on their own. If we believe an infant may be struggling in an area of development, we may utilize different techniques to help strengthen that area and help them succeed. These methods are shared with families so they may also choose to exercise similar techniques/exercises at home.

It can be noted that ELEC does not utilize a typical testing format that checks off boxes of mastery by requesting an action be performed on demand. It is through our ongoing observations of each child which displays a clear picture of each infants capabilities over time within their natural experiences. Please speak with the Director if you would like to learn more about our methods of assessment.


ELEC utilizes video surveillance cameras at all times in the nap room and main area, overlooking the classroom. The nap room camera is visually displayed on a monitor in the main area of the Center to provide teachers with a constant visual of any and all napping infants at any given time. Recordings are confidential and will never be distributed online for any purpose. However, you can rest assured that if there were ever a concern to arise, we would have access to recorded footage.

Open-Door Policy

In addition to ELEC planned events, parents are welcome to volunteer their time and participate in the classroom at a time convenient for them. This may be assisting with an activity, providing an activity or story, celebrating something from your culture, or something different you would like to share.

Please keep in mind that it is now required by CA law that all volunteers and parents who participate in classrooms must have proper immunizations completed, criminal background check and TB test. To learn more please visit:


Volunteers are not included in the teacher:child ratio.

We also have an open-door policy, which means so long as your child is in attendance at the Center, a parent may visit at any given time.

Mothers are welcome to come to the Center to nurse your baby if desired and are able to do so.

Although scheduled drop-ins are best as to not disrupt the flow of the day, it is the parents right to drop in with or without notice at any time that your child is in attendance.

ELEC is not strict on arrival or pick up times so long as it is within the designated hours of operation. Thus meaning that if you have paid for the day, you are welcome to drop your child off at any time and pick up your child at any time.

Professional Development

All of our primary care providers must have completed necessary requirements of a lead teacher as a prerequisite to employment. Thus including 12 completed units of early education college courses, including infant and toddler care units, be CPR & First Aid certified and have experience working with young children in a center based or similar program. All employees are required to be fingerprinted with a criminal background clearance before hired. In addition to these qualifications all staff members are required to attend at least one staff meetings each month which allows for open discussion about our work as well as additional training and assignments relative to our daily practice and interactions with the children.

Even with a B.A in child development, over 90 college units related to child development, being an infant specialist and over 20 years’ experience working directly with young children, there is always more to learn and discover as new studies evolve and early education trends change. I too seek out professional development opportunities for myself and the teachers and am actively involved with other early educators and directors within our community. I have been an active advocate for quality infant care for the past 5 years and hope to leave a lasting impression on those whose lives I’ve touched; supporting the children of tomorrow and teachers of today. I thrive to be a positive role model, sharing my dedication and passion for working with young children and teach through example how we are able to take the knowledge we acquire through our education and successfully put it into practice.

You can visit our website in the news room link to view some of the articles shared and links to relevant resources.


Parent Participation

Periodically ELEC will invite families to the Center for parent participation play dates, where parents are able to spend time in the classroom to observe their child in action. It may be a potluck, a planned activity, a music class, or just a casual coming together to unite the ELEC family. Check the events calendar on our website to find all future events.

Parent Education

Better described as parent discussion meetings; where parents have the opportunity to ask questions about any topic of their choosing. We may focus our discussion on a planned topic based on the current events of the program, upcoming changes, or any other topic of interest. This is a time for discussion and a time for sharing. Sharing stories about the children in our program whom we love and care for is a fun way to unite families and care providers and hear new insights. We strive to provide the best care for all children and families involved and encourage parent feedback and participation in our practices.

Parent Date Night

Check the website calendar for scheduled date nights!

We Accept EOC

We understand that high quality infant care comes at a high price and we are happy to accept any means of financial support that you can get to help cover the costs!

If you are looking for financial support here are some links that might help: